“And are built upon the foundation of the apostles and prophets, Jesus Christ himself being the chief cornerstone.”
Ephesians 2:20

This is a program designed specifically for people who have become chemically dependent and are ready to be delivered from the chains of addiction. It is more than a 12 step program. It incorporates life lessons that deal with how life should be lived. This helps to stop the cycle of relapsing back into the old lifestyle of dependency.

It is a powerful program consisting of 20 lessons covering topics such as:

– “Who Am I?”
– “What Alchohol and Drugs to do the Family”
– “Parenting”
– “Firm Steps Toward Financial Freedom”
– “Developing Respect for Authority and Law Enforcement”
– “Developing Christian Character”
– “Coping with the Problems of Life”
– “Christian Values that Strengthen the Family”
– “Christian Morals and Values”
– “Building Self-esteem”

This is a Christian program designed to bring new hope and direction to the chemically dependent and their families. It is “Bringing Families Together who are Worlds Apart!”