“And are built upon the foundation of the apostles and prophets, Jesus Christ himself being the chief cornerstone.”
Ephesians 2:20

Testimony 1

Several years ago, I was heavily involved with drugs and alcohol.  My life was a complete disaster.  It all began around the age of 15, when I started drinking on the weekends.  That, along with a growing marijuana habit all through high school, had pretty much set a destructive routine for my life.  After high school came the pills, cocaine, and meth, basically any drug I could find.  The meth, as I came to discover, proved to be the most powerful of all.  It overshadowed not only other drugs, but also family, friends, my job, and every aspect of my life.  I started selling meth just to support my own habit at first, but that quickly escalated into an even worse situation.

There are a lot of other wicked things that come along with that lifestyle that I could go on and on about, but I’ll just say I was completely consumed by it all.  I was destroying my life and the lives of all those around me.  I was arrested in October of 2006 for what I was doing.  Once I bonded out of jail, I had to sell everything that the cops hadn’t already seized, just to make it.  Then, one day it hit me.  That was it, I had lost everything:  job, friends, and possessions, absolutely everything.  I had hit “rock bottom” and I knew it was time for some major changes.

My grandparents had been going to a Pentecostal Church for a couple of years.  They had always tried inviting me but I wanted no part of it.  I just didn’t see myself as the “church type.”  After all I had been through, however, my opinion on church started to change.  I was desperate for something different than what I’d been doing.  Brother Totsch had come to see me when I was in jail.  I guess that’s what really “planted a seed”, so to speak.  So, after a lot of thinking and consideration, I decided to give the whole “church thing” a try.  I got involved with the CEO program and started coming to every church service.  I started putting anything to do with church as a number one priority, and I had no idea at the time the life changing experience and many blessings God had in store for me.

Fast forward five years and it’s amazing how awesome God is, and what an awesome journey it’s been.  I am now married to the best and most beautiful wife a guy could ask for, have a good job that I love, we have reliable vehicles, just bought a house, and most importantly, I am thinking with a clear mind and I am saved.  I find myself thinking a lot about everything God has given me, and about how thankful I am.

Do I deserve any of it?  Absolutely not…none of us deserve how blessed we are, but that’s just it.  That just simply shows how awesome our God is.  And how He can completely transform anyone’s life, no matter how hopeless it seems.  He can and will do it for any one of us that will let him.  So coming from an ex-drug addict…I encourage you to come join us and let God touch your life.